Epic Fantasy: Peeves and Problems

As I read back on my blog, I realized something.  I haven't made a post about tea in months. So I wracked my brain and decided to find a writing topic that also includes tea. Pacing: Why Breaks are Important Pacing in writing is important because it gives a story balance. You need to find … Continue reading Epic Fantasy: Peeves and Problems

Stupendous Sci-Fi: Errors and Rewrites

What Makes Horror A Crash Through the Dark and Scary First of all, apologies for the gap in posts. I had some stuff to do. Secondly: I do not like horror, it confuses and stresses me out but I got a request, so. Here we go! Warning: As Horror Is Quite A Graphic Genre, I … Continue reading Stupendous Sci-Fi: Errors and Rewrites

Epic Fantasy: Queries and Quandaries

The Causes of War http://vsbattles.wikia.com/wiki/Ares_(Myth) War is complicated and possibly one of the most horrific things in the world. It pits man against man and it dehumanizes everyone. No country truly ever wins a war. It's an interesting backdrop for many stories because it puts your characters through hell and back. It can be used … Continue reading Epic Fantasy: Queries and Quandaries

Epic Fantasy: Peeves and Problems

Myth Analysis: The Unicorn Unicorns are some of the most beloved mythical creatures in pop culture, perhaps because of how 'beautiful' the modern image of the unicorn is. It's easy to love an animal that's white, sparkly and poops rainbows. But the unicorn is also one of Europe's weirdest and oldest mythological creatures, appearing in … Continue reading Epic Fantasy: Peeves and Problems

Epic Fantasy: Quandaries and Questions

The Devil's in the Details Why considering all factors of a culture is important World building is complicated; all the factors that make cultures what they are today took hundreds, if not thousands of years to develop. Religion, food, music, language, economic systems, hierarchies and all of that are all really really complicated. Today, I'm … Continue reading Epic Fantasy: Quandaries and Questions