Stupendous Sci-Fi: Errors and Rewrites

What Makes Horror A Crash Through the Dark and Scary First of all, apologies for the gap in posts. I had some stuff to do. Secondly: I do not like horror, it confuses and stresses me out but I got a request, so. Here we go! Warning: As Horror Is Quite A Graphic Genre, I … Continue reading Stupendous Sci-Fi: Errors and Rewrites

Stupendous Sci-Fi: Errors and Reroutes

Everyone Can Fly Piloting is a skill that takes years to master. I was in air cadets for four years and I still only understand the bare minimum. Like, I could do it if I had no other choice, but it would end terribly. So in Sci-Fi, why is it that everyone and their grandma … Continue reading Stupendous Sci-Fi: Errors and Reroutes

Epic Fantasy: Queries and Quandaries

The Causes of War War is complicated and possibly one of the most horrific things in the world. It pits man against man and it dehumanizes everyone. No country truly ever wins a war. It's an interesting backdrop for many stories because it puts your characters through hell and back. It can be used … Continue reading Epic Fantasy: Queries and Quandaries

Bountiful Books: Reviews and Analysis

Okay, so today is a bit different. I'm actually reviewing a book. This is the first of what I hope will be many books. Demonality Book One: Written by Nadine Thirknell, Demonality is the story of a demon-dragon hybrid known as Aurrynthea Shadow's Fire or Thea for short. Constantly torn between her dragon mother and … Continue reading Bountiful Books: Reviews and Analysis

Stupendous Sci-Fi: Errors and Reroutes

Culture Clash: This is an interesting trope and actually quite realistic because humans don't even understand all the cultures on our own planet. Can you imagine trying to explain why kissing your friends is appropriate on one continent but is quite rude on another? Marvel uses this to comedic advantage in  Thor, where Thor's Asgardian … Continue reading Stupendous Sci-Fi: Errors and Reroutes